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Adorn your tables with beautiful colors and a vivid display of sweets, joy, and love.wedding

Allow our delectables to compliment the sweetness of your celebration.

Choose from a rainbow variety of M&M’s (or the less expensive, but identical generics), Jelly Belly, and other colored candies.

We work with all budgets!

Plan for Success:

1. Give yourself time

To ensure success, give yourself as much time as possible to plan. While 3 to 4 months would be ideal, allow enough time to make proper assessment of your needs. Keep in mind things like the number of guests and any specific preferences.

2. Determine amounts needed

Plan to have about 4 oz (about ¼ lb.) of candy per guest. To verify you’re purchasing the amount you need, try measuring out a sample of the ideal amount for a single guest. Next, multiply this amount by the
number of expected guests to your wedding. This should give
you an accurate estimate of the amount of candy you need.

3. Pick candies and colors

Hands down, the best part of the process. Be sure to try out all possible color combinations!

4. Sketch Buffet Table

If possible, try to get an idea for how large a table you’d like to use for the buffet. To help make more precise your candy amount estimate, plan for any glass jars, vases, or bowls you might like to use.

5. Request candy order

Please try to place your order at least 4 weeks prior to your ceremony. This will ensure we are able to provide all that you request.  Also, please remember we work with weddings of all sizes and budgets. It never hurts to ask for an estimate!

Please feel free to ask us any questions or for any special requests.

Sweet Shoppe is committed to your success. We wish you the best of luck.